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Curation and Appropriation of Digital European Heritage

04.11.2021 11:50 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Deadline for submissions of abstracts: January 14, 2022

Guest editors: Abby S. Waysdorf and Eggo Müller

The VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture welcomes submissions for the upcoming special issue #23 on “Curation and Appropriation of Digital European Heritage”, set to be published in June 2023.

The CADEAH (Curation and Appropriation of Digital European Heritage) project was inaugurated in 2018 as a way to study how increasingly digitized audiovisual heritage circulates and is re-used across the digital media landscape. Projects like and have worked to digitize audiovisual heritage across Europe and make it available to the public. However, once material is “made accessible” to the public, what happens? The project drew together programmers, historians, and media researchers to investigate new ways of tracking digitized audiovisual heritage online and make sense of the cultures of historical and archival engagement that exists there. To further develop the goals of this project, this Special Issue seeks to bring together scholars, archivists, and other interested parties to investigate the ways audiovisual heritage is used, and how we can best study this use.

We welcome proposals that deal with the major themes of CADEAH: history and memory, uses and interpretations of audiovisual archival material, and digital methods and archives:

>Tracking and tracing (audiovisual) archival material

>Machine vision techniques and audiovisual archives

>The politics of digitization and archival practices online

>Practices and cultures of playlisting and rewatching

>Cultural practices of remix video

>Grassroots archives and archival practices

>Transforming or creating historical narratives through remix

>Memory practices and historical consciousness in digital heritage

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